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As Professionals in the Security Industry, we are able to provide you with a wide range of services including:


Close Protection

Provision of protection for people, assets, property and information


Personal Escort Teams

We provide Teams of appropriate, qualified and experienced security operatives with the knowledge, skills and equipment to accompany individuals or families at times of heightened danger. Our teams of licensed and vetted men and/or women comprises of 1 to 100 operatives. All operatives are bound by a confidentiality agreement which can be tailored to meet your own requirements.


Advanced Security and Travel Planning

A full travel planning and arrangement and concierge service with the balance of client comfort, convenience and security protocols. Operatives can be deployed in advance of the main party to ensure all routes, venues and personnel are checked and verified prior to the Client’s arrival.


High Value Asset Protection

With piracy and hijacking being ever present in the World, HGS can provide a full escort service by road, air and sea to protect your deliveries and products. Preplanning of routes, control of convoys, operatives knowledgeable in customs operations and full communication between vehicles means we can assure you that your goods will be delivered safely, timely and securely. We can also act as your HMRC Tax Bond, alleviating the requirement for large sums to be deposited as guarantees. HGS vehicles are equipped with all the necessary items including real time tracking devices to enable us to operate in any conditions.


Special Event Security (Sporting events, VIP parties, Launches, AGM’s etc)

Keeping your event ‘special’ is so important. Whether it is an overt display of strength to keep the peace or a discreet security team to mingle, we can provide appropriate personnel to keep the event special and safe for guests and delegates.  Often high value products are on show or offered for sale, our operatives and intelligence will ensure they are kept safe and sound through physical presence and electronic surveillance. For Annual General Meetings (AGM) we can advise on security arrangements and control access and perform searches as necessary.


Maritime Security

Whether you have a private yacht, super yacht or a cargo vessel, our maritime operatives can ensure your safety. Trained in International maritime security, our teams will check the vessel entirely, including divers to search the hull and harbour area to keep you safe. Holding all relevant qualifications of seamanship including onboard fire fighting, operatives can deal with any security issue while in port or at sea.


Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance and Tactical Counter Surveillance Measures

Information gained is vital to a smooth and safe journey, visit or stay. Through our associates we are able to gather first rate intelligence on conditions on the ground in many cities and countries. Knowledge can be obtained though many sources including having operatives active prior to main deployment. If clients have concerns over individuals or locations or want to gain information on movements or activities, surveillance teams can gather and report back. Reports can be prepared to be used at Criminal or Civil Court level.


Tactical Counter Surveillance Measures

Are you or your family or Management under surveillance? Is your house or office being monitored? Are your movements or conversations being recorded - without your knowledge or approval - by bugging or tracking devices? Tactical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM) will ensure that you know who has you under surveillance and the unwanted attention can then be avoided.  TCSM teams are a very useful and complimentary aide to a CP Escort section as it can advise of trouble before it even reaches the Principal.


Residential and Hotel Security (including K9 patrols)

Teams of operatives can secure access to the Principals residence or hotel if visiting an unknown area or country. We can advise through the advance planning teams of what the conditions on the ground are and where to stay, even which floor to stay on, then the Residential Security Team (RST) takes over. RST can control access and ensure that grounds are safe. They can deal with mail as it arrives and will control keys and monitor CCTV taking appropriate actions as necessary. Hotels can be swept for bugging devices and a 24 hour guard maintained to ensure total safety for the Principal. Dog (K9) patrols can be used both at the residence/estate and in hotels as a visible deterrent to threats or as search teams. K9 teams can search for explosives or drugs and the handlers are all Close Protection trained.


Venue Security

From a meeting room, hotel, club or sporting venue, if you have a security concerns we are able to secure the location and provide a safe environment. From access passes to a risk assessment on potential security weaknesses, we are able to provide operatives and equipment.


Business Premises Security

Keeping your offices safe from unwanted visitors, sweeping for bugs, controlling staff and guests, you may spend a great deal of your time in your work environment and need the satisfaction that you are well guarded. Industrial espionage is only the tip of the iceberg.  Employee dissent and dishonesty is a drain on the profit so we can ‘plant’ employees to see things from the inside for example. Alarm systems and state of the art Overt or Covert CCTV monitoring can be provided and operatives deployed to monitor and take action as required.


Executive and Armoured Vehicles

We can provide a wide range of chauffeur driven vehicles from all luxury manufacturers. With notice, we can also provide B6 and B7 hardened vehicles with fully trained and vetted drivers in most major cities. Drivers are experienced and qualified in advanced and tactical and evasive driving.


Private Jets and Helicopter Hire

Should you need a short haul small G7 or a helicopter or a large aircraft, we can supply to most countries. Vetted crews and bespoke catering are all available.


Asset Protection and Transit Security

Keeping assets safe and secure is vital. Whether it is a document, an expensive piece of jewellery or a large cargo making its way by land, sea or air we can provide a risk assessment and operatives to give you piece of mind.


Risk Assessments on current security arrangements with recommendations for improvements

Knowing what threat is against you and how to best deal with it is the start of a good security arrangement. We are able to discreetly assess your current security and can give you recommendations for improvement. Our vide variety of experienced operatives can view your requirements from many different angles to ensure your safety and security and peace of mind.


Equipment Procurement

Through our many contacts we are able to supply a vast range of equipment. From general security equipment, CCTV, vehicles, clothing to a full UN deployment kit list including a fully operational airport delivered by air utilising Specialised Landing Systems. This includes Runway Preparation Machinery and Fully functional control tower. We are also able to supply military and police equipment and weapons from uniforms to the latest small and large weapons.


Urban Surveillance

Through our associates we can design, blueprint, supply and install a full urban surveillance and detection system. From the infrastructure required to implement and run a detection system to the monitoring and reaction forces, we are able to recommend state of the art cameras to give the police Force control over the activities going on the streets. Cameras that can cope with the heat and dust of Africa are available as well as high specification equipment that can view for over 2 miles can be obtained and installed and monitored. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Speed Cameras and related equipment can be supplied and integrated into the Police National computer. The ANPR and Speed-cam system rely on a database of information being available for every vehicle. If this is not already in place, we are able to arrange for computer systems and personnel to create this database to enable the system to work correctly and efficiently.



If you wish to train your own personnel, police force or military in specialist techniques we can provide training plans and trainers to deploy to your premises or you can always come to us. Training courses in Close Protection, Surveillance & Investigation, Anti/Counter Terrorism, Riot & Crowd Control, Close Quarter Combat, Control and Restraint, Handcuffing, Manned Guarding, K9 patrolling, Border Control and First Aid are available as well as more specialist military training. Courses can be specified and tailored to meet your own specifications. Should you require clarification on any of the services we provide or if you have a more specific and special requirement, please do not hesitate to call or email.



* All communication and operations are treated in the strictest confidence.

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